rob-harvell-rlh-producerRob Harvell

Rob was born to produce sports television. He picked up his ABC’s with help from Sports Illustrated, The Sporting News, and Stock Car Racing magazines. The backdrop of a rural North Carolina town shaped his personality and charm, while his passion for athletics drew him into the coffee break sports gossip of the adults that surrounded him. It was here that he absorbed the art of telling the story of sports with common, compelling speech.

Rob attended Appalachian State University immediately declaring his major in Communication Electronic Media Broadcasting. The passion for sports and story developed into a professional pursuit.

An internship at NASCAR Productions in 2005 helped unveil his professional talents and led to a full time position upon graduating college in 2006.

Credits through NASCAR Productions include content seen on ESPN, Discovery Channel, Speed TV, FOX, and TNT. In 2009 Rob received his first major budgeted project when he was asked to produce videos throughout the NASCAR Hall of Fame spearheading productions of large format presentations in the Hall of Fame’s Great Hall and the Theatre Room.

Upon completion of the Hall of Fame Project he refined his story telling to documentaries under the tutelage of Emmy Award winning director Rory Karpf. With extensive research for the ESPN 30 for 30 film “Tim Richmond: To the Limit” he was groomed and ready to tackle his own productions.

Producing “Wendell Scott: A Race Story” in 2010 was another propulsive catalyst to Rob’s career. Eight high profile documentaries followed, including “Herschel” (Herschel Walker), “The Play that Changed College Football” (First SEC Championship Football Game), “40 Minutes of Hell” (Coach Nolan Richardson), “Lolo” (Lolo Jones), “Miracle 3” (2008 SEC Basketball Tournament) and “The Book of Manning” (Archie Manning) all for ESPN and “Battle Scars: The Bud Moore Story” and “Beyond 200” (Rick Hendrick Motorsports) on Speed TV. Other films Rob produced include ESPN Films 30 for 30 Short “Silver Reunion” (1972 USA Olympic Basketball Team) and LA Film Festival Short Film nominee “Marbles”, “Dominique Belongs to Us” (Dominique Wilkins), “Thunder and Lightning” (Rafael Palmeiro and Will Clark),  “Wuerffel’s Way” (Danny Wuerffel), “Miracles on the Plains” (2013 Auburn Football), “The Bo You Don’t Know” (Coach Bo Rein), “Tigers United” (Michael Sam, L’Damian Washington, Marvin Foster).

Rob has recently begun producing sports reality series programming with “Snoop and Son: A Dad’s Dream” (Snoop Dogg) on ESPN and “Dana White: Looking for a Fight” for the UFC.

In 2015 Rob received the honor of adding his name to the list of producers in the ESPN 30 for 30 Series with “I Hate Christian Laettner”.  The film became one of the top 5 viewed in the rich history of the series.  Along with the honor of producing documentaries in ESPN’s esteemed series in 2015, Rob was also presented Charlotte, North Carolina’s “Top 30 under 30” future leaders of Charlotte.
Rob’s success in 2015 has catapulted his career into 2016.  With his name established in sports entertainment he has created RLH Producer which is a unique production opportunity.  Trained by not only Rob but also hands on advice from the best directors in the nation RLH Producer is a production house assembled to Produce every aspect of a documentary or television series.
Currently in the works for 2016 include directing a theatrical documentary titled “Dynasty: The Life and Times of Robert “Bobby” Bowden” (Coach Bobby Bowden) set to be released September 2016.  From there he will be producing his 2nd film in the ESPN 30 for 30 series focusing on Professional wrestler Ric Flair and 12 more episodes of “Dana White: Looking for a Fight” for the UFC.

Rob has worked with or interviewed Ron Howard, Donald Trump, President Bill Clinton, Dennis Haysbert, John Goodman, Luke Perry, Charles S. Dutton, Mario Van Peebles, Skip Bayless, Dick Vitale, and Jackie Joyner-Kersee, Rob Lowe, Kenny Chesney, Criss Angel, Andre Benjamin, Snoop Dogg, Vin Diesel, Donnie Wahlberg, Dennis Quaid, Burt Reynolds


Rob is a confident Producer full of pride in his work and passion for a story. Every step in his past prepared him for the opportunities of his future. Though his career in sports television is still young, he is wise enough to acknowledge the help of those who got him to this point.